As a developer many, questions come up as I write code or figure out projects. Many times using google to get answers leads you down rabbit trails or wrong answers. Google is a great tool for getting your questions answered but sometimes can take a bit of work. I want to introduce you to my little Friend, Aardvark. Vark was created by a group of google employes who left the company to start their own business. Shortly thereafter google bought the whole company.

The idea behind Vark is that is asks people questions in real time. So when you sign up for an account you tell Vark what kind of stuff you know about and it asks you when people post the question. The way they do this is through IM. I set this up to work with my IM client so I can show you how easy this really is.

Stay focused on what you’re doing and if you hit a dead-end just post a question and come back to the problem later. I have found that this saves me time and keeps me focused on accomplishing the goal without getting bogged down.

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