I am far from an apple fan boy.  I usually stick to what works and I try not to do “what’s in”.  That being said my first apple product was an iPhone that I bought used off of Craigslist for $125 (I still use this phone today).   After jail breaking it to work with t-moble and setting it up to receive free call via Google voice I have not looked back.   Every other phone I have used from that point on has felt limited and unpolished. The first generation iPhone came out 3-4 years ago and I am still using it without a hitch.  Back to the iPad.  I will have to write a separate post about my iPhone exploits.

The iPad is hands down the best device this year.  Its versatility and library of millions of applications makes it the no brainer ultimate gift this holiday season.  If its polished look and simple interface don’t win it over then the infinite amount of hacking this device is going to endure will.  This device is a pleasure to use.  It still enjoys nonstop usage in the Yeremin household.

Some ways we use the device

  • When I get home and just want to crash on the couch it offers a lean back experience for all the stuff I may want to do when I get home.  I can check mail,  look at youtube feed, read a book, put on a podcast, or listen to music.    All this done comfortably from the “bombed out” position.
  • My wife and I recently had our first child.  When she gets up to feed him in the middle of the night she has something she can do with the other hand vs just stare off into the darkness as our son feeds.  Hello solitaire and facebook.
  • Here is another baby scenario.  As I stay up with our son bouncing from room to room watching something on netflix makes the time pass much faster and gives me something I can hold in one hand as I bounce on the exercise ball, lulling our son to sleep.
  • Air Video gives me all the videos I have on my desktop and streams it to the iPad so I can show that funny family home video to a friend that comes over.

I can keep going and talk about the cool remote that works with the apple tv but I will stop there before I start rambling.

If you want to get someone an all in one device that does it all buy an ipad.   I would however suggest you wait until the next version comes out.  It should be out around April 2011 and will have the much needed camera.   So yes it’s awesome but just wait and get the one with the camera.

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