Top Picks

I had the opportunity to work with Gera on numerous projects during our time at Nuvolum. He is easy and fun to collaborate with, has an upbeat and responsive personality, and always exceeds expectations. Without hesitation, I would HIGHLY recommend Gera, and hope I have the good fortune of working with him again.

Emily Barker ClementProducer

Gera created a campaign for our North Bay Networking Group in November that reached the highest response yet for our Eventbrite customers. Gera always told me his goal was to deliver great results for our group. He also made sure he understood our brand and I know he is a leader that I want to continue to do business with in the future. We plan on working on future projects and would be happy to talk to anyone about the exceptional service and results that Gera provided our company. He is a man with high integrity and passion for his work.

Greg JonsFounder of North Bay Networking Group

It's a joy and honor to recommend Gera. Not only is he an extremely nice man, not only is he excellent at his craft, not only is he creative and has phenomenal output, Gera is just a wonderful energy to have around the office. Upbeat, funny and engaging. You would be lucky - like we have been - to work with him.

David SimpsonBusiness Development

Gera's positive attitude is infectious. He is so talented at inspiring others to do their best and reach for the stars. His commitment to excellence and great ideas make him a pleasure to work with. At Nuvolum, I could always count on him to produce an excellent product and give me expert support in an arena I knew little about - web design and SEO. I highly recommend Gera and I hope I get the chance to work with him in some capacity again some day.

Jenna Sherron StutsmanReal Estate Broker

If you're looking for a talented, intelligent, dedicated developer, Gera's your guy! He's a true team player and always looking out for the best interest of the whole. He's humble and remains adaptable to frequently changing schedules and circumstances. One of the things I appreciated most about Gera during our time as co-workers was his enthusiastic attitude; he was always smiling and offering words of encouragement, appreciation, and inspiration.

Anne Marie PettyContent Editor

Gera is an end-to-end developer that absolutely checks all the boxes you need, and didn't know. If you can think it--he can develop it! Aside from his top-tier development skills, he has the collection of sharp business acumen, upbeat attitude, and clear articulation that makes him easy to work with. The collection of his skills are remarkable and rare, so if you ever have the chance to conduct business with any capacity, do not miss that chance!

Mark VargusFinancial Analyst at CBRE

Gera is a strategist. While Gera has all the capability in development and coding, what makes him such a leader is his high-level mindset and ability to see the larger picture. Programming takes time—Gera makes sure that time is spent effectively while following a methodology.

Nate BauerDigital Marketer at Exchange Bank

I’ve worked with Gera on many occasions on various projects. While I focus on details of implementation, thanks to his suggestions to overall strategy, it saved me an enormous amount of time and energy.

Arsen YereminSoftware Developer

Gera is a truly innovative thinker. His fresh approach and careful product testing make a massive difference for his clients. I would say the single greatest thing about Gera is his integrity.

Ryan HercheTax Expert

Gera is genuinely a great pleasure to work with on any day. His positivity and willingness to find solutions to any challenges big or small is impressive and a joy to witness. He carries a great deal of optimism paired with the ability to analyze all projects on a very sophisticated level.

Gloria JakuszDesigner

Gera was a great employee and mentor for me at Nuvolum. He took the extra time to show me how things were done, especially on the WordPress side of the business when I got hired on. He's always the most positive and optimistic guy in the room and he can bring a lot of knowledge to any group. He is definitely a WordPress wizard and his creativity with the platform makes him a powerful developer. It was a pleasure and a joy working with him on various web projects.

Devon SwiftWeb Developer

Gera is an INCREDIBLE collection of technologist, designer and innovator. In addition, he has a deep sense of general business process and applies this knowledge to develop unique, functional websites and related software tool sets that simply work. I would highly recommend Gera.

Tom HakelChief Strategy Officer

We primarily hired Gera to help us speed up our website and optimize our plug-ins. He did that and much more, all at a reasonable price! We now have a fast website & a better user experience. Another added benefit is that it is now easier (and more fun) to manage the site as an administrator.

Julie HalpinBusiness Owner

I have come to know Gera over the last several months and he has offered me unique perspectives on what I do and how I can accomplish my goals by branding my professional expertise in my current position. Gera has a unique perspective of what companies are looking for in relation to service partnerships. He is quickly developing a level of expertise in Web Development, and business to business relationships.

Bruce CorkhillBusiness Owner