My wife and I don’t really eat out too often but when we do we usually stick to what we know.   Here in our humble town of Rohnert Park we like to keep it simple.  This list is in no particular order — just going to write them as they come.

Marvens in Cotati
I know I said Rohnert Park, but Cotati is close enough to be part of Rohnert Park.  This is by far the best place to go eat breakfast with your friends or spouse.  I frequently use it as a place to meetup with good friends.  The clam chowder is killer.  I also really like the curly fries.  Just about everything is really good and they have home-made jam.  This may be my favorite place.  O yes – and the price is right.

This is our go to place when it comes to Chinese food.  My wife and I used to come and just sit in the booths for hours while we talked about the bible and enjoyed the tea.  The potstickers are great here.  We usually the split the combination dinner and we have food left over.  It also does not hurt that it’s across the street from where we live.

El.. something or other
I always forget the name of this place but it’s the mexican food place next to Safeway.  They have been around forever and make a mean super burrito.  The location inside is not great.  We usually just take it home, but the food is good.  It is our go to if we are in the mood for mexican.

As an extra I will throw in Costco.  My wife and I often find ourselves ordering a hot dog on our way out and I just load it up with everything including relish and sauerkraut.  Sometimes I also throw in a little pepper.

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