Let me start with this.  I was not born in this country but came to live here at a young age.  From the begining this gave me the ablity to see things from a different perspective.  We had a TV, a couple of them actually, but when I was in middle school we got rid of our cable provider.  No more cartoons or other silly shows.  We did not have youtube back then so I had to do things like go outside and ride my bike.  I see this as being one of the key turning points in my life. Below I am going to lay out why it was a good idea for my parents to cut cable out of our lives.

Just to make one more thing clear. I am not anti-entertainment.  I am against the current system of subsidized entertainment brought to you by cable companies.

#1  It controls your mind

Cable television has been around for a long time.  It was introduced in the 50’s and 60’s because over- the- air signals were not so good.  Cable networks have had a long time to figure out what makes them money.  It turns out that the biggest source of income for cable networks is advertisers.  Companies buy hundreds of thousands of eyes.  Why do they do this you must be thinking.  Well it’s because it works.  Not always on the surface level but subconsciously  you are being told what you like and what you buy.  They have turned this into a science and no one is immune to it.

#2 You are wasting your money

The price of cable is currently paying $50-$100 for something that you have been trained to like even though it’s not good for you.  It’s like a drug that gives you a temporary high but leaves you empty and hurting.  I think an even better comparison would be a parasite that keeps its host alive so that it can continue to be sustain off its victim.  You could save $1,200 a year  by just opting out of systematic mass brainwash.

#3  You are enslaving your kids

The worst casualty here is the kids who have been raised on this box.  The mind of a kid is always pulling in information like a sponge.  It would seem like most kids spend more time watching TV than talking with their parents.  That means your kids are going to like what the TV tells them to like and hate what the TV tells them to hate.  Their interests and hobbies are not going to be inspired and influenced by mom or dad but instead they are going to be lead to believe some kind of lie that makes someone else rich.

#4  You are wasting your time

When you cancel your cable provider you will find that you have much more free time to do things like learn a new skill, read a book, spend some time with your kids and family face to face. You will find yourself wandering your house thinking to yourself, “So what should I do now?”  Try just going in a room without your phone, open the window, close your eyes, and just think.  Ask yourself the question, “What is important to me?”  or “Who is the most important person in my life?”  Just take some time to think about this, then write it down.  Then use this time to work towards thing that is important.  My answer is that people are important to me, the most important person being my wife.

#5  It’s out of your control

You may think to youself this does not apply to me.  Commercials don’t affect me.  You are fooling yourself, my friend.  It’s already out of control because you have deceived yourself.  The first step to recovery is confession.  Don’t waste another day under the thumb of corporate America.  You can be free and think for yourself.  It’s just a phone call away.


You are opening your mind to be controlled by allowing yourself and your kids to watch tv all the time.  I am not saying entertainment is bad.  I have a big TV and watch movies all the time.  I do it on my timeline in a way that’s controlled and not littered with ads.

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