As our world gets more and more mobile, we want to work and play on the go.  Software developers are faced with the challenge of making all our information accessible even if you’re not on your local network.  Air Video is an iPhone/iPad app that has done this perfect- at least on the video side of things.  My many terabytes of information would not be able to fit on my 16gig iPad no matter how compressed the information becomes.

With this app I can stream any video off my computer anytime from home or off site.  I can watch movies I have stored on my computer or educational content I have been saving for a long car ride.  This application allows me to easily share funny home videos with friends and family that I have stored on the PC with a few simple flicks of the wrist.

This is the best solution to sending video to your iPhone/iPad.  For an easy $4.99 it’s a no brainer for iPad owners.  You can try the free version Here.

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