What Happened After Learning on Treehouse Everyday for a Month

I am going to assume that most people reading this don’t know who I am so I will start with a little bit about myself. I am a developer out of the Northbay. Most of the projects I do have something to do with wordpress. In my desire to be an all around better developer and as preparation for teaching a worpdress related course at Sonoma State University I decided that I would learn on treehouse every morning for one month. This meant getting up extra early before starting the normal work day. Here is a break down of the experience:

First 10 Days

The first 10 days was very exciting. Watching my rank and score grow on the leader boards was addicting and fun. Plowing through numerous tests for content I already knew was much more enjoyable than I thought. Being able to tap into the knowledge and get the right answers was extremely satisfying. After destroying a section I would go and look at the leader boards and feel great accomplishment. Being able to see that I scored 97% higher than everyone else on a topic just felt strangely fulfilling. Outside of going over stuff I know. Learning new content felt like it was really staying in my mind

Second 10 Days

This next set was a bit of a grind. When you have 2 kids the distractions are endless. I powered through it though. Some of the mornings were not as early as I would have liked but having even a bit of focus time in the mornings was good enough to get some real learning done, even if it was just a few sections. Completing a whole track feels really good and is an all around accomplishment in my book. If I ever need a reminder about how to do something I know where to go versus searching through blog posts on the topic.

Last 10 Days

This was the most challenging set of days. On a few of the days I ended up doing some learning in the evening after the kids were in bed. I made a lot less progress on this last set of days, but it still felt really good knowing I was able to stick with it for 30 days.

Biggest Challenges

  • Coming to the point of making the commitment
  • Trying to consistently learn something every day while also doing life as a Husband and Dad


After everything is said and done I am now a better developer then when I first started. I feel like much of the information has stuck in my mind and can get recalled when I need it. I am looking forward to doing something like this every 3 months or so as a commitment to learning and staying sharp. Also learning things that is outside my wheel house is extremely valuable. Now the question for me is “Do I pause my subscription when I am not using it every day”?